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I recommend the Nwogbe Law Group to everyone. They were personable, professional, always in communication with me, responded quickly when needed and overall just good people. I have no complaints. I’m extremely grateful for their service to us. I’m satisfied with our outcome.

- Lauren J.

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to get in an accident do not call anyone except the Law Office of Stephen Nwogbe. From day one I felt like I was in good hands and throughout the whole process of settling the case. I couldn’t of obtained a better attorney and I am ecstatic with the outcome. Big thank you to Mr. Nwogbe his awesome assistant Maria.

- Anonymous

Working with Nwogbe Law Group was by far the best decision I made ! Stephen and his staff were so professional the whole way through. I know nothing about Law, but any question I had Penny was there to answer them without making me feel stupid ! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I highly recommend Attorney Stephen you won’t be sorry!

- Lakesha

GREAT-GREAT-GREAT “Honest” fast response if you have any questions, By far the best in the city. Really makes sure his clients are OK I really recommend NWOGBE LAW GROUP thank you for everything.

- Curvonte M.

GREAT-HONEST AND VERY GOOD ATTORNEY He has represented me in the most professional manner his ethics are of the highest standard. His friendship, courtesy knowledge and honesty. Build my trust on him. I recommend Nwogbe Law Group at any time. Thank you for everything you do.

- Martha

Stephen is the best hands down. He worked very hard towards my mothers case. It was a long process but he got the job done. I will definitely recommend him to anyone I know. Thanks so much Stephen.

- Shannon W.

I was in a 5 car pile up, and Stephen and his team did everything they could to make my recovery quick and easy. Great team to have behind you if you have been in an accident.

- Charles L.

This is top notch law firm I was taking care of everything was explained to me thanks again for taking care of me and my family

- Courtney A.

Great attorney!! Most definitely should tap in with Stephen, extremely trust worthy and makes you feel like family. Overall great guy!

- Ty Y.

Stephen Nwogbe is an intelligent and strategic attorney. He will fight hard for You.

- Theresa M.

Stephen handled my case in a timely and professional manner and I would highly recommend him

- Anonymous

I highly recommend Stephen, he worked hard on my case and I was very pleased with the outcome.

- Anonymous

Known Stephen Nwogbe all my life and have never met anyone more trustworthy as this man. Definitely a lawyer who will get the job done and take care of you.

- Jordan C.

Fantastic all the way around! If you are reading this note, do not hesitate to contact Stephen! He is absolutely great, formal, professional! Don’t look any where else, He is definitely the best! Great response, lot of experience, and much much more! Take my advice, contact him and you will be very happy with that decision!

- Victor T.

I haven’t experienced this level of customer service in a very long time. My case was handled with care from day one. I was kept updated throughout the entire process. I highly recommend The Nwogbe Law Group!

- Aisha M.

This is an Exceptional Law Firm. I highly recommend anyone who has the need for a personal injury attorney to call Mr Stephen Nwogbe. Mr. Nwogbe is very professional, and very thorough with his cases. He always made sure that I was well informed about everything pertaining to my case. As well checking on my well-being due to injuries I sustained. I was always treated with respect, and dignity. Mr Nwogbe is passionate about what he does. Always Enthusiastic as well as reassuring. Which made me confident that he handle my case. The Nwogbe Law Group They Work Hard For You So you Can Get Paid!!!!

- Michelle T.

It was a great experience working with Stephen for personal injury case.
It was a headache to deal with at-fault party’s insurance company because they never wanted to treat us fairly. However, when Stephen stepped in, everything became easy. Stephen is a courteous man with proper manners who would not rush his customers for quick settlement. He takes care of his clients and always tries to make best treatment available to them too.
A very good lawyer.

- Dae H.

Going through this was rough but dealing with Stephen NWOGBE made it a lot easier to deal with.He fights hard for your case and even after going through a few deniles he made sure we we would come out on top.So if i would say one thing about this man is greatness!!!just pay attention to him and things will go accordingly. appreciate his help and now i can pay my bills up with no problem….

- Tha V.

After I got t boned by a woman who ran a red light I call the law office of Stephen Nwogbe and he personally came over to my home and spoke to me about my accident and gave me advice. This law firm helps you through everything …Sets you up with the right doctors and gets you going with treatment for your injuries. This lawyer fights for you to get you the best outcome and really follows through when you have any questions or concerns . I highly recommend this firm .

- Aleeta B.

Great inteligent attorney, Stephen was patient and explained things to me step by step. I am recommending his law firm to everyone I know, plus his staff is knowledgeable and respectful as well.

- Famous C.

Stephen always keeps you in the loop! My first time needing a lawyer and I was blessed with the most honest and the best in the business. Stephen gets you everything you deserve and more! Bulldog with a smile, thank you so much for everything.

- Aalyiah Sheppard

Stephen works to give every customer a voice. He does everything he can to keep you informed and as long as you’re willing to be patient he will make sure he does EVERYTHING he can in your Best interest. There is always hope. He will walk you through each step of the process to make you whole again. I couldn’t be more thankful.

- Jes E.

Let’s just cut to the chase! Stephen Nwgobe responded to me within 3 minutes of me contacting him for assistance . He advised me that he would assist me every way he could and he did. Mr Nwogbe stayed in contact with me on a regular basis in regards to the process and also inquired about my health and well-being at the same time. Exceptional service from the best firm out there. No question about it! If you’re injured and want some real assistance, contact Nwogbe immediately.

- Justin G.

Nwgobe Law Group took on my case and faught for me until the very end. Even helped me get assistance for my injured neck and back! Could’nt be more satisfied. Thanks to Stephen i got my case settled and every penny deserved. Thank you Nwogbe Law Group!

- Mariah M.

Thanks steven nwogbe.
Car accident claim. This is a wonderful attorney. Very caring of his clients. I was in an accident leaving me with no car. The other ins com promised a car rental after 2 day I tired Steven as my attorney and had the car by the end of that took almost a yr to close on the case but he gets the job done. Explains very well always answers any questions you may have on your case. I highly recommend time to anyone with any injuries to him.

- Tonya C.

In November of 2017, a day before Thanksgiving, I had a routine pedicure and was subsequently infected by a nail salon and their negligence. I was referred to Stephen and his team and in no time he was tirelessly working on my case. In a few short months, he recouped my expenses from this incident and got me the maximum compensation for my pain and suffering. Stephen was available day & night if ever I had a concern or questions. Without a doubt, I would refer Stephen to anyone who needs a strong lawyer by their side! Thank you Stephen for all you did for me!

- Amber R.

All I have to say is what a amazing lawyer I’ve had Stephen your gray amazing right on time never had anything like you before you fall for me when they wanted to go against me he stood up got exactly what I deserve with more and you got in a timely manner I appreciate you and forever ever have any other situation or the incidents you will be the first one I call I recommend you take any one of my friends or family thank you buddy without you this wouldn’t even be possible.

- Augusta W.

Steven is a life-saver of an lawyer! I was in a 3 car pile-up accident that totaled my car and landed me in the hospital and chiropractor office. I was left with MASSIVE medical bills and the liable party insurance having a low limit policy not covering the costs. I consulted with three other top firms who all denied to take my case due to the low limits allotted and possible multiple claims. Knowing all the risks Steven accepted and worked my case with such diligence, professionalism, respect and dedication that resulted in an AMAZING win!! Steven is THE BEST of the best! He took my loser case and flipped it into a major win for us both! I cannot thank him enough. If you ever need an injury lawyer, look no further and call Nwogbe Law Group! He is sure to make a winner out of your case!!

- Tee J.

In spite of my previous claim being denied by an opposing insurance company as a result of a car accident, attorney Steven Nwogbe still accepted my case because of my tremendous pain and suffering and emotional distress which required extensive medical treatment. Having previously worked with other attorneys, Mr. Nwogbe excelled in work performance compared to other counsel. He possesses a very broad knowledge in his field. He is a competent hands-on attorney who is persistent and diligent in representing me beyond the best of his ability. Most of the time, he and/or his staff were available to answer my questions or concerns. As a result of the foregoing, the case settled in my favor and I received an ample settlement which I did not expect.

- Leilani S.

It was me amd my wife’s pleasure working with Stephen. He was thorough from the beginning to the end. He always answered my questions promptly and I was never left wonderinf what was going on.
He is a courteous man with good ethics.
At-fault party’s insurance company did not want to give us any information regarding rental car and medical but when Stephen got involved, we were literally stress free. Things moved on so smoothly without any hiccups.
My wife’s case is now closed and I bet anyone who would like to work with Stephen would not regret.

- Dae H.

One Call to Stephen is all it took. He got the insurance company to stop giving me the around. He took care of all my legal issues. I am a very happy customer and would recommend him to my family and friends.

- Sharifa B.

I was in an accident, I found Nwogbe Law Group. Best service, and respect that I’ve received in a long time. Very informative and professional. I almost felt like a lawyer after he settled my case. I’ve already been referring.

- Dion W.

If I could add a star I would! What an amazing job! Everything was timely and stress-free I might add. Couldn’t want or need for any more help than I received! Highly recommended!

- Alicia D.

I want to express my gratitude for the efforts of the Nwogbe Law Group, and their application of the law. Mr. Nwogbe was determine solve my legal worries. His faith, knowledge, and strong perseverance helped clear my name. He stood right beside me through a very long and very upsetting legal process and was very generous with his time and knowledge. In the end, the victory was ours.

- Millie W.

Excellent group!!! Would recommend to anyone needing help after an accident. Some lawyers take more money than they give you, not this company. They are fair and concerned about getting things done in a timely manner.

- Sandra H.

Stephen Nwogbe of Nwogbe Law Group, is outstanding! Dealing with insurance companies can be nerve-racking and I needed a strong advocate to handle my case. I was referred to Nwogbe Law Group. Stephen’s knowledge, compassion and professionalism stood out every step of the way. I absolutely recommend and encourage anyone seeking legal assistance to consult Nwogbe Law Group. I am so appreciative of all your efforts! Thank you!!

- Avvo.

Great attorney and communication for my daughter case.

- Tahlitha H.

Everyone at the firm is friendly and Gaby did an amazing job working on my case.

- Nazarey D.

Excellent experience, Berto kept me in the loop with everything. Steve and the group made my 1st time process well worth it. I’m thankful and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for an injury attorney

- Julius G.

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